Why do people watch foreign films

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Hollywood films avoid this debauchery altogether with a rigorous ratings system which kiboshes natural amounts of nudity, and a de-facto practice of only denuding implausibly beautiful people from predictable angles.

The early Chaplin two-reelers still look surprisingly lewd, with bathroom jokes and drunkenness and hatred of work and proprieties.

They usually include summaries of the plot of the film to either refresh the plot to the reader, or reinforce an idea of repetition in the film's genre. We fret about not understanding the context, setting, or message of the film itself.

Many American companies already feel that they have enough competition with all of the other American companies. Hi Allen, First of all, thanks for the great site, I really learn a lot from you.

Before you jump the gun and say that people like me who enjoy foreign films are pretentious, give it a try! Each region of each country has its own style of utilitarian, commonplace trappings, which combine to impart a larger sense of character to the place.

After all, the roster of remakes is filled with movies that deserve to be on the dirty end of used toilet paper. Most review aggregators indirectly influence the herd mentality in us while critic reviewers are just one opinion among many.

I think the popularity of Hollywood films and foreign films in general can be attributed to the fact that they use the most modern technology.

Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street for example are being developed for remakes as we speak as are dozens of others.

10 Must-See Independent and Foreign Horror Films

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Allen Palmer January 24, at When I think of foreign films what come to my mind are Hollywood films. There are a million variations in this big world, of a peely-painted old fence. And this, of course, is what we were running away from when we went to the movies.

But series like Sopranos, Deadwood, Mad Men and Breaking Bad go deeper — they have the character deal with a big metaphysical issue, they have them grapple with their demons — put id, ego and superego at war with one another — and we sit riveted as these flaws cause them to unravel.

Wouldn't we rather watch her than better actresses because she's so incredibly charming and because she's probably the greatest model the world has ever known?

Why Polish gangster films 'on steroids' are making it big at the British box office

We worry that reading subtitles will be tedious and tiring.Oct 08,  · Many people prefer to watch foreign films rather than locally produced films. Why could this be? Should governments give more financial support to local film industries. I know there are a gaggle of movie fans out there who don’t like foreign films because they don’t like to have to “read” their movies, but that is fine.

and the people who supply the titles to netflix should be held accountable also. i started a foreign film the other day and i turned it off due to the subtitles being cut off at the bottom.

not good. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) film rating system is used in the United States and its territories to rate a film's suitability for certain audiences based on its content.

The MPAA rating system is a voluntary scheme that is not enforced by law; films can be exhibited without a rating, although certain theaters refuse to. The Complex Psychology of Why People Like Things. you mentioned in the book that people never watch the foreign movies they say they're going to watch.

If you look at films like Blade. American films, television and music are distributed all around the world. People growing up in other countries often listen to English language media. They watch English films with subtitles, (some of the time) and they listen to English language music.

Why do people watch foreign films
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