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A big bonus for her is when someone laughs out loud after reading her poem s as one editor recently said she did. Jeff is a partner in EditPros, a marketing and communications firm in Davis, California. Chris broadcasts sports at all-News KNX. He was part of the KFI morning show for many years and retired in He always had a story.

Roger produces "HomeWord with Jim Burns," a half-hour daily radio program airing nationally in 50 markets daily and over on weekends.

He was in charge of eight NBC bureaus. Tom Chockley Tom Chockley writes exclusively in the haiku and related forms genre. Tomorrow [Papillion, ] Arthur Sellings: His concerns were the Earth's overpopulation and the multi-crises the human family faces. I wanted more out of life than that.

He left the station in late following a series of budget cuts. Offers one-stop turnkey solutions for book and magazine publishing, business development, website design and development, and graphic design support.

Editor and agent for book authors. She is also in a group with Len Berman at the Deerfield Library. Index to at least publications "Journey Beyond Tomorrow" [Signet, ] is selected and praised in "Science Fiction: In addition, she has two published prize-winning essays Stitt and Freedoms Foundation.

A congregation that had once been patient and kind during a reverend's grief now questions his leadership and propriety. Cunningham IndexingYvette Cunningham; Opinions are all over the place. Carl was sometimes criticized for things he was not responsible for, and mocked for things he never said.

He now lives in Blue Hill Peninsula, Maine. Also publishes the Word Trippers e-newsletter. Stories [Permanent, ] 14 stories Dr. Melinda WritesMelinda Copp. Book development, marketing, and sales.

Freelance Editors

ServiceScapeDavid Costello. Sunflower Editorial Services, Noelle Barrick. His brother Doug was contacted by the management of KFWB and was offered Don's noon-to-3 shift in order to perpetuate a popular broadcasting name; Doug declined. Index all sorts of books, including art books, cookbooks, biographies, self-help, and history.

Larry is part of the Salem cluster in L. Julia Schmidt Stanley Schmidt, Ph.


It is not heartless and it is not soulless, but its heart and soul exist in spite of its form. She lives with her husband and assorted animals on a small horse farm in Northern Illinois. The Willis is now seven behind One and 13 behind the Burj.

Her classic, Skyscrapershas been updated and reissued twice since, most recently ina year prior to the completion of One. He had a wonderful sense of humor and loved to tell anecdotes.Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror authors, with last names begining 'S', over hotlinks, Pseudonyms and Notes without Links; total Links/Names.

MAC, Don: KDAY, ; KGFJ/KKTT (The KAT), Don joined KGFJ as pd in the spring of Later that fall, KGFJ was rebranded with new call letters as KKTT.

"The difference was that our emphasiswas on music," Don told Los Angeles Radio People. "Almost anyone can sit behind a. Review: 1 WTC’s biography. Posted on November 28, by David Brussat. My freelance writing and editing on that topic and others addresses issues of design and culture locally and globally.

Judith Dupre, Larry Silverstein, Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, New York, One World Trade Center, Port Authority, SOM, Twin Towers. In response to faculty interest in the availability of editing services, the Medical School Office of Research has developed a list of freelance editors, including their credentials.

Judith M. Connett. Ph.D. in Immunology Research Assistant Professor International Freelance Writer, Editor, Ghost Writer Bachelor's Degree/ Master's Degree. I’m a freelance copywriter and editor based in London. I work with clients from all over the world. Get a freelance copywriting quote fast.

My writing style is personal, direct and creative. Freelance Editors & Proofreaders; Freelance Website, Graphic Designers & Cover Artists Judith Henstra offers developmental editing, content editing, copy editing, story analysis and publishing assistance.

Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Alicia Dean offer manuscript critiques, editing services, final proofreading and formatting for digital and.

Judith silverstein freelance editing service
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